fruity desserts and kinect stands

I’ve been playing with this little linux-based embedded computer called the Raspberry Pi. At $35, it’s nothing to write home about in terms of computational performance. However, it is TINY and a full fledged system that runs Linux, has built in ethernet or wifi (with $10 adapter), internal audio output, external USB audio/MIDI compatibility and can be connected to a modern HDMI monitor or old school TV via RCA. It is also powerful enough to run Pure Data, the open source version of Max/MSP! I’ve tried some basic patches and they run very well with low latency. While its not going to replace a laptop anytime soon for heavier lifting, you can do some pretty neat stuff with it.

I noticed that we’ve been juggling Kinect stands lately. When browsing thingiverse recently, I stumbled across this: a tripod adapter for a kinect that you can download and print out. When our MakerBot Replicator 3D printer is up and running again (plastic extruder is having some issues – I’m soaking the nozzle in acetone over the weekend to dissolve the clogged up plastic), I will try printing out a couple and see if we can make our own tripod stands.

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