Combining gestural devices for optimal dancer tracking

PS Move

For the next few weeks, I will be working on a piece for dancer and piano. There is a need to combine the right forms of technology in the right way to get the desire effect. In this case, the desired effect will require simultaneous use of Sony Playstation Move hardware as well as Microsoft Kinect.

The first step represents the goal for the next few weeks, to use a single Kinect with two Move controllers to get the best possible data quality from the dancer. This data will be combined to generate a unified audio-visual experience, whereby there is a strong link between the dancer’s movements, what is heard in the surround sound audio field, and what is drawn on the projection screen. The pianist’s part will be miked and will lightly reinforce itself on the surround sound audio system as well, to blend better with the synthesizer tones triggered by the dancer.

Although there is currently no direct interaction between the dancer and performer in this piece, this is a necessary stepping stone to a more ambitious project plan for the Winter term that will unify their performances in many more ways.

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