New piano pieces

Bosse piece

This is the final section of Naithan Bosse’s new piano piece, which I performed last Wednesday Oct. 16th, along with a new piece by Greg Burgess. Having scores like this is very helpful for me. In Naithan’s piece, I play only one note: the C6 right at the end. (It’s a musician’s joke.) In the rest of the score, notes indicate where my hands need to strike above the keyboard in order to trigger certain sounds through the Kinect set up in front of me. The Bowed Crotales Gestures are approximations of the pitches I’d hear if I waved my arm above the keyboard in a bowing motion. It’s all very interesting stuff. I love being able to play the piano without actually…playing the piano.

Greg’s piece had a different approach to using the Kinect for gesture tracking. In his piece, I triggered the computer to record my sound at the piano when I hit a certain loudness level, and also when I lifted my right arm at a certain height. These recordings would be played back and controlled by the movement of my left arm. Because the piece was written very aleatorically, every performance of the piece would be different. During rehearsals, some runthroughs had lots of piano sound and little recorded sound. Others were loud with all the triggered recording playbacks overlapping one another. I’m really happy with how the final performance of this piece turned out.

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