More options for Kinect-based motion tracking

Here is an interesting article pointing to another option for Mac OS, called KinectA:

KinectA is cross-platform, but with less options for Mac than Windows, it may be worth a look. Other cross-platform options include OSCeleton: (depends on OpenNI AND NiTE: , ), and the commercial product NI Mate, which has a workable demo mode:

Finally, we have Windows-only solutions, including EthnoTracker ( ) and the Kinect for Windows API ( ), for which an executable exists that pipes upper torso data and also whether a hand is in front of the other to Max. This application + Max patch can be found in one of the first posts to this blog.

Details discussing how to use the various options, particularly KinectA, will be provided over the next while.

PS: Anyone interested in hand/finger tracking in particular should also consider either the 3D Hand Tracking library by Forth: , and also the Candescent NUI library:

Forth depends on OpenNI, while Candescent can work with either OpenNI or the Kinect for Windows API.

PPS: For anyone frustrated due to the fact that the Kinect for Windows API and OpenNI must not be installed at the same time (under normal circumstances), there is a workaround that allows both drivers to be installed concurrently, available here:

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