Bed o’ Percussion

GregPatchSpent many hours trying to come up with an elegant method for creating a bed of rhythmic drive without using sampling, nor midi, just synth.  A versatile solution seems to be the Function object, a fantastic tool for creating envelopes for various synth objects (saw~, cycle~, what-have-you).  The result?  Timbres and textures!  This is a vital component of the piece I am working on for dance and violin, as I am trying to keep the input of the performers minimal.  The intention is to give the dancer musical input via stage-position, but freedom to use movements expressively without influencing sound.  For the violin, I am thinking an amplified, but largely dry/unprocessed sound.  I may include some Chronos gesture triggering, but so far, I have not been happy with the performance implications.  The certainties in my plan are built around the dancer’s stage positioning and the distance between the two performers at any given time.

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