Piece for Violin and Piano (MaxMsp, Chronos Accelerometer, Webcam)

I have been rehearsing with the violinist Conor Stuart and pianist Angelique Po in preparation for the concert on November 20.

In my composition, each section contains three modules that the performers can choose between. After 10 modules, they move on to the next section. Each section is unified by its pitch-classes, so the difference between modules within a section is durational and registral, not melodic.

Sections 1 and 2 are symmetrical around C; sections 3 and 4 are symmetrical around C#. At the climax of the piece (Part B), the previously unsounded pitches are emphasized. Then the process continues in reverse (Part A’)

Angelique is wearing the Chronos watch and when she makes leaps it triggers a flange effect on a live stream of Conor’s audio. In Part B, her watch controls the filter of Conor’s audio.

Conor is being tracked by a simple jitter quadrant patch and a webcam. When his bow rises above a certain point (i.e. when he does a pizzicato) it triggers vocal samples.


-Ethan Lustig

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