Mons, hills, labs, and food

Feb. 17, 2014: Day 2 of the Belgian Adventure

Get up at 7:30 to discover Keith busy playing computer games. He’s tireless in his research for the good of the group. Leisurely breakfast in hotel. Keith quite impressed with chocolate croissants, his real reason for coming to Belgium. Group straggles down to eat and manages to solve boiled egg instructions, coffee maker, and crepe cooker. All is well with the world. 9:30 meeting in hotel lounge so Bob can pretend to be in charge.

Nicolas meets us at 10,and proceeds to give combo-tour of historical and practical side of Mons. Laundromats and supermarkets are not historical, but practical. Monkey sculpture is not practical, but historical. (Must pat with left hand.) Practical scaffolding on old buildings has been there so long it is now historical. Go figure. We meet up with Nicolas’ students in order to practice our bad French. Group quite successful at this.
100_0544On the tour we circle Mons centre several times going up and down (similar to a BA flight over London running late) and finish in town square. Group splits up to hunt for lunch. Nicolas, Keith and Bob stroll to cafe for relaxed lunch of sandwiches, caffeine, and discussions of possible coding projects. Bob forgets he is in Belgium and tips. Too much. Bad Bob, no biscuit.
100_0539IMPART assembles by monkey, and we return to hotel to pick up gear and take to Numediart lab. Very pleased with working space. Moderate mayhem as group organizes work tables, gear, cables, and sound system. Rejoined by Belgian students and we briefly look at code. Other lab researchers drop by for introductions. Diana Brownie to be measured for motion tracking sensor suit for data collection. Wonder if it comes with matching tie and handkerchief.
We leave for trek back to hotel via supermarket. Buy lunch stuff that we will eat for dinner. Food is expensive, wine is cheap. Seems to balance out, while leaving people unbalanced. Arrive at hotel where plans are made for going our for dinner or dance competition. Bob and Keith’s knees and awareness of waiting social faux pas precludes them from joining either group. A lively evening of coding and online paperwork ensues. Some group socializing consisting of everyone glued to their screens occurs on the hotel lounge as a break. It’s the congeniality of companions and the witty monosyllabic interactions that enhance travel.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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