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Feb. 18, 2014: Day 3 of the Belgian Adventure
No water pressure at 7:00 a.m. on the sixth floor of hotel. Wonder if this is due to large number of very dirty guests showering, or traditional Belgium waterless Tuesday. Forego shower for “bath” in 2 inches of water (15 min. to fill). Cold water shaving is a first world problem. Rekindle my love of the coffee machine in the breakfast lounge. Majority of group manages to turn up at 8:30 for departure. Majority. Various stories circulate about “fabulous traditional Canadian club dance” presented at a dance competition last night by group members. Stroll to Numediart lab and spend morning setting up each group’s systems and running sound checks.

Low energy level due to jet lag and dance parties. Lab coffee machine is everyone’s best friend. In lab discover what’s not working. Software, not people. Lots of interesting sound and general buzz of activity and electricity.

Nicolas’ students join us for beginnings of programming exploration/collaboration.
Belgian students also act as lunchtime guides for Belgian student lunches for Canadians. Funny how that works. After lunch more coordination of projects followed by IMPART group presentations. Projector/computer fail after first presentation. How many technology profs does it take to get projectors and computers to talk? Best part is getting it to work and then Bob kicks the cable out, starting the whole process of non-recognition all over again. Note to self: NTSC is not your PAL.
Students do great job, followed by West Coast smoked salmon/cream cheese for mini reception. Much discussion by students afterwards about direction of pieces.
Keith and Bob leave last but beat students back to hotel. In Belgium “Wisdom of Age” translates as “Take the Bus”. Bob invigilates first of student exams while Keith upholds our social manners and goes for dinner with group. Restaurant rating is 5/10 upon return. Note to self: bring Olympic score cards to restaurants to show after each course. “Oh, and a disappointing 4.3 from the Canadian judge — that’s going to hurt!” General discussion in hotel lounge while Bob attempts to send student exam back to Canada. Email doesn’t want anything to do with it. Smart email.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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