Mo-cap, more caffeine

Feb. 21, 2014: Day 6 of the Belgian Adventure
Bob gets up half hour earlier to enjoy hot water. Views ongoing beautification project outside hotel. Keith sleeps in and does Cold Flash Dance in the shower. Does not enjoy view of beautification project. After breakfast Keith, Diana and Bob head to UMONS for a morning of motion capture. Diana (a.k.a. “The Canadian Girl”) gets suited up in combination Terminator/FlyFishing outfit — very fetching.

100_0583 100_0587
100_0590 100_0598

Bob ends up being cable handler: definitely not dancer material. Given previous problems between Bob and cables probably should not be given this job.

Rest of group arrives after exploring Mons/food and code fixes and rehearsals follow. Lots of clarifying work on pieces, processing and composition. Numediart lab presents group with box of Belgian chocolates. Address of chocolatier is soon emailed to group due to general enthusiasm. Coffee consumption continues to climb. Wonder when we will need to start pulling people off roof. Wonder if we will need a caffeine intervention team. Must get number from Nicolas.

100_0602 100_0604

Begin setup for Canada-US game. Once again too many technologists, not enough savvy. Daisy chain of routers over walls and down hallway doesn’t solve problem. But amuses. Settle for lab web connection and small projector. Between 2nd and 3rd period Bob repeats cable dance faux pas and dumps projector on floor. No damage done. Bad Bob, still no biscuit. Might have to wear mo-cap suit as penance.

100_0606 100_0608
100_0612 100_0613

Canada win savoured by everyone in lab. Many ch/beers raised. Party continues until necessary to set security codes for the night. Nicolas/Laurence feel sorry for old UBC professors and offer to drive Keith and Bob to hotel. Suspect they don’t think we can find our way back. To avoid hurt feelings and international incident graciously accept offer. Students head off for more celebrations. Suspect they would be happy to start international incident. Bob and Keith happy to avoid that. Retire for night. Probably a smart idea.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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