A rather testing day…

Feb. 25, 2014: Day 10 of the Belgian Adventure
Dearth of students at breakfast today. Dearth, not death: not reflective of breakfast. Today’s schedule means students know when to appear at lab. And how much beer to drink last night. And how far to sleep in. Keith and Bob take bus to lab. Surprised to find student who was at breakfast. Time dilation occurring in Mons. Or perhaps Keith and Bob rode bus loop twice.

100_0722 100_0723
100_0724 100_0725

Harp/clarinet rehearsals go well. Tech problems have been beaten into submission. Rehearsals unfold (or fold) over the morning. Interrupted by laundry solos. Max/MSP cycle~ objects turn into rinse cycle~. A good thing. Violin/phone piece now has lovely sounds with slow choreography : group jealous of mo-cap research? Bob and Keith miss rest of morning rehearsals. Taken for lunch by Thierry Dutoit, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Joelle Tillmane. Lovely time with great food, good conversation, linen, and wine glasses. IMPART students at next table give us the stink eye. Keith thinks we need a partition. Or else call security.

100_0729 100_0730

Afternoon has excellent rehearsals. Good work on plexiglass screen-Leap sensor system.. Collaborative mayhem with various sounds, languages, operating systems, response times, code types, and aesthetics. Like university politics. Obviously successful.

Pouring rain. Take bus back to hotel. Arrive and stand inside bus until we realize we can get out. Technology confuses us. Group heads out for stemware dinner. Bob invigilates Diana’s Clinical Psychology exam and Simon’s Computer Science exam. Consider switching exams. Wonder if they would notice. Wonder if I would survive. Decide not to do that. Probably a good decision. For all of us. Celebration of completed exams begins in hotel lobby. Guests impressed by academic clientele. Little do they know.

100_0735 100_0737


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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