Feb. 26, 2014: Day 11 of the Belgian Adventure
Another cold water dance at 6:30 a.m. Nearly added vocalizing. Would have amazed the neighbours. Keith and Bob take A bus to UMons. We think it’s fast. Several walking students are quicker. We’re just old. Students have taken to calling Keith “Keithy”. Very amusing. Tech rehearsals gradually unfold during the morning, bumping into and solving problems. At lunch break Keithy unknowingly buys expensive water. Considers pawning computer to pay for it. Students ingesting copious cold remedies. Quantities starting to approach beer consumption. Wonder if there is a correlation. Need grant to study that.

100_0739 100_0744


Tech dress rehearsal goes very well. Enthusiastic applause by group after each piece. Captive audience has great taste.

Completed tech dress means everyone has afternoon off. On way back to hotel meet students going for more cold remedies. Possible code words for beer? Back to lab. Evening motion-capture session cancelled due to sickness. Motion sickness?

Wander Mons streets getting lost and enjoying it. Like listening to tonal centres in Berg. Have frits at a friterie. Overproduced American rap on large screen. Nobody listens/watches. Captive audience has great taste. Back to hotel for paperwork. Keithy returns from dinner with group. Now watching movies crammed into one room. A good idea.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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