Feb. 28, 2014: Day 13 of the Belgian Adventure
Slow morning wake up. Hot water in shower. Bob should phone front desk and complain. Grab bus with Diana to lab. Motion capture session ready and waiting. Diana becomes FlyFisher/Terminator again. Proves she can still move with it on. Several takes with various pieces of music. Very effective. Great job.

100_0786 100_0794

Students begin appearing at noon for wine and cheese. Very conscientious about participating. Very professional. Great time in lab with researchers, students, faculty munching dairy products. Forced to wash it down with wine. Lots of pix, great stories. Group photos degrade to IMPART dance moves. Not a problem.

100_0795 100_0797

Return to hotel. Invigilate Simon’s Engineering exam. Happy I don’t have to write it. Happier that I don’t have to mark it. Simon happy it is done. Keithy and Bob bang on doors and collect cables. Amazing how many not-our-cables our group can grab.

Keithy and Bob have dinner with Nicolas and Laurence at l’Envers in Mons. Laurence and waiter have lengthy serious discussion. About wine. About food. About pacing through dinner. Very good to see and watch. Great conversation through dinner, fabulous food. Best crème brulé Bob has ever had. The best. Impressive. N and L give K and B chocolates. Will definitely put us overweight. Either in suitcase or waist. Or both. Say goodbye at Grand Place. N and L to stay with Bob in April. Stroll back to hotel. Intercept two “sickies” and a dancer on their way to a pub. Not so sick, eh? Keithy and Bob drink Scotch, chat with Angelique. Lovely ending to Mons trip. Ready for trains, planes and automobiles tomorrow.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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