Feb. 27, 2014: Day 12 of the Belgian Adventure
Woken at 8:00 by Keithy shaking my feet. Bad Bob, definitely no sunrise shots today. Do the Lather-Up-Disappearing-Hot-Water-In-And-Out Dance. Getting good at this. Very sad. Decide to take bus to lab. Freeze waiting for infinite (bus) loop code to execute.

while (temp <= veryCold) {
letBusSitAtLoop = true;
dontLetPeopleOnBus = true;
Group crams on board. Dominates conversation. Amazing how much English you hear on Mons busses. Arrive at lab. Help load van with harp, music stands, etc. Nicolas backs van out. Bob stops traffic. Drivers not impressed. Lovely ride to theatre through countryside. Still no sprout farms. Begin to doubt sprouts come from Belgium. Crafty marketing by Brussels.

100_0752 100_0753

Arrive at theatre and set up. Lab people impressed by professional approach by group. Dress goes well, everyone happy. Lunch provided in lounge. Very lovely, very civilized. Need more of these in Canada. Afternoon presentations by Joelle Thielmann, Benjamin Picart, and Nicolas d’Allessandro. Interesting work being done in motion tracking, beat box analysis, and NIMEs. Engineering students arrive midway. Whew! Have all performers for concert. Nicolas announces official launch of UMONS laptop orchestra. Tumultuous applause.

100_0756 100_0758
100_0760 100_0759
100_0763 100_0765

Concert goes very well. Tumultuous applause for each piece. Tech glitch at beginning of dance piece. Bob makes restarts happen. Bob being Dad again. Happy that everything finally works. Very satisfying concert.

Celebrate everything. Lots of buzz and beer in upstairs lounge afterwards. Discover Theatre has artistic residencies. UMONS wants to collaborate. Eases the disappointment of no sprout farms. Students do catwalk dance in parking lot. Not considered odd at this theatre.

Entire group goes for dinner at Primavera. Owner overjoyed to see us again. Very pleasant time. Greg orders water. Immediately drunk by non-drunk Kiran and Diana. Bye bye 2.5 Euros. Great conversation and humorous anecdotes. Group demands speech from Keithy, who regales us with development of UBC studios. Wander back to hotel. Stuart and Greg turn up at hotel room door. Demand single malt. Happy to oblige. Watch videos of today’s performances. Concert nerds. Very good. Ready for final full day of Mons tomorrow.

100_0769 100_0771
100_0772 100_0774


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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