Done and done!

Mar. 1, 2014: Day 14 of the Belgian Adventure
A leisurely breakfast. Wonder if two students back from overnight trip to Antwerp. Wonder if Antwerp is still standing. Off for some last minute photographs of Mons.

100_0800 100_0808
100_0801 100_0803

Run into Keithy, Pieteke, Angelique and Naithen. No cafes open. 9:00 a.m. is too early. Very civilized. Find cafe on Grand Place. Café dangereuse — pounds of whipped cream on top. Take care to avoid. Gaze longly at pastries.

100_0802 100_0809

10:30 lobby meeting. Everyone there. No Antwerp police in sight. Bob relieved. Train to Brussels very smooth.

100_0814 100_0815
100_0810 100_0811
100_0812 100_0813
100_0816 100_0819
100_0820 100_0821

Relaxed time in Brussels airport. Students trying to get rid of Euros. Vendors happy to help.


Heathrow arrival with quick turnaround. Group very experienced — assumes expedited status and bypasses everyone at checkpoints. Security smooth except for Bob. Keep re-XRaying bag. Staff member breakdancing instead of looking at screen. Bob not amused. Last person to get to plane. Again. Possible new winter Olympics event: Security-train-escalators-hallways-gate-escalators-breezeway-plane Sprint. Empathetic viewing by millions. Plane leaves nearly on time. Uneventful. Listen to all of Eno’s Music for Airports. Appropriate. But not in airport. Customs very quick. Samantha has no checked luggage — she’s home! Pasan wins carrousel bingo when bag arrives first. Kieran and Fidelia lose when bags don’t arrive. “They’ll come in on next flight.” When is that? 24 hours. (Good thing we didn’t miss flight.) This part of the adventure is done.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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