Moving on, future plans…

Angelique Angelique is graduating with her BMus in piano performance and composition, and collaborating on new interactive works while earning a living as an accompanist, and piano and theory teacher.

Greg Greg says, “Enjoying the sun, if I can find it. Working, if I can find it. Another year of school before I find out where life will take me.”

Pasan Pasan will be working in Engineering and should consider becoming a video producer and host

Ethan Ethan is going on to study graduate Music Theory at Eastman. He makes fresh music at

Pieteke Pieteke will be graduating from the BMUS Composition program in 2015 and applying for the Audiology Master’s program in Vancouver.

Conor Conor is starting a Masters in Violin Performance at the University of Calgary and will continue to work with interactive performance technology there, collaborating with Naithan Bosse on further pieces.

Naithan Naithan will be starting his PhD in music composition and technology at the University of Calgary

Fidelia Fidelia will be at UBC for one more year finishing her BMus degree. She plans on applying to grad schools for Music Technology and performance.

Simon Simon will be starting his Masters studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Graeme Graeme is spending the summer travelling in Europe before getting serious about chasing the elusive job in his chosen field of Engineering…

Samantha Samantha will be traveling to Australia for the World Harp Congress and completing her BMus in harp performance, graduating in 2015.

Ian Ian says,”Going back to school in September for my last year, and then who knows! (Excitement? Adventure? Intrigue???)”

Diana Diana will be “…travelling in Asia, Europe and Canada, dancing/working in Vancouver and Calgary, then back to UBC for my last year in my Bachelors of Psychology and Laptop Orchestra! :)”

Jason Jason is looking forward to making oodles of money being a real engineer!

KieranC Kieran is continuing to develop (and hopes to commercialize) his multichannel audio and video interfaces using game controls for use in gaming and concertizing.

Kiran Kiran is moving back to Mississauga where she will continue to refine interactive performance systems for clarinet, and will collaborate with Toronto composers.

Stuart Stuart says “In the following year I plan to further my studies in music technology and plan to continue my work with gesture tracking in the hopes of creating a more user friendly system.”

Johnty Johnty, our officially unofficial TA! Got married and is heading to Montreal to start a Ph.D. in Engineering


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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