ezOSC for Max – OSC Discovery with ZeroConf/Bonjour

Tonight we developed ezOSC for Max, a few bPatchers designed to make OSC data exchange easier between Max/MSP instances on different computers. The bPatchers leverage the zeroconf modules for Max/MSP available on github: https://github.com/cassiel/zeroconf/tree/master/dist

ezOSC receiverThe “ezOSC receiver” bPatcher prompts for an instance name, and port number. ZeroConf/Bonjour is then used to advertise this OSC receiver instance on the local network.

The name should not include any spaces and the port number has to be valid. The “Data In” indicator light makes it easy to see if data is coming in through OSC. You simply connect this object to an OSC-route object, the same as you would if you were doing OSC interchange the regular way.

ezOSC sender

The “ezOSC sender” bPatcher  discovers all ezOSC receivers in the local network and provides a drop down list (umenu) where you can choose any ezOSC receiver instance on the local network to send to. In case ZeroConf/Bonjour is not working, you can also manually type in a host and port to bypass the auto-configuration.

The advantage of the system is that the instance name can be set in both the sender and receiver through a message, which means that even if the OSC receiver changes its IP address, the Sender should not need to be reprogrammed since ZeroConf/Bonjour will resolve to the new address.

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