Xmas Concert Excerpts

Sorrow (Excerpt), by Sarah Wasik, Byron Carr, Alec Korchev, Tian Ip, Brian Topp
!Joy (Excerpt), by Norah Lorway, Victor Zappi
I’d have all the nickels… (Excerpt), by Alec Korchev, Kat Gimon, Janine King
Sparkle Time (Excerpt), by Tian Ip, Matthew Chernenkoff, Hannah Wong
Virtualis (Excerpt), by Kyran Assing, Brian Topp
Applechip (Excerpt), by Sarah Wasik, Kjel Sidloskil, George Dean
Anger (Excerpt), by Kyran Assing, Annie Wang, Kjel Sidloski, Matthew Chernenkoff, Kat Gimon
Fear (Excerpt), by George Dean, Hannah Wong, Janine King, Michael Ducharme


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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