Day 2

Bob gets up at crack of dawn. Unfortunately it’s dawn somewhere else in the world. Bob goes back to sleep. Eventually gets up for breakfast. Students have cleverly occupied seats closest to buffet. Traditional British breakfast for untraditional Canadian students: eggs accompanied by sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, beans, etc. Keithy refuses to eat fried tomatoes: “You don’t fry fruit.” Words to live by. Apparently.
Bob discovers group waiting in bar. Appear to be picking noses. Wait: no. Playing Spoons. Very similar. Group heads out for Huddersfield orientation. Hannah tests superpowers by jumping in front of cars. Note to self: hold pre-trip orientation on pedestrian walk signals, British left-hand traffic rules. And Hannah. Group discovers how different British malls are from North America. Wait: no. No, they don’t. Meet Ian Gibson who welcomes us to Huddersfield. Assumes role of tour guide and points out Boots and Marks & Sparks. Highlight of orientation: walking into a mall with dead end, walking back out. Group scatters for personal orientation.
Bob and small group visit church. Interesting font: dual pulley system to lift heavy cover. Radioactive? Must contain heavy water. Organist Tian takes pix of organ. Head to Open Market. Surprise, market is open. Bob wonders what they call it when it isn’t. Freeze while surrounded by tropical fruit, so head to warm Tesco’s for egg sandwich and Gatorade. Sampling foreign cuisine is so rewarding. Tian and Engineers record accordion player for soundscape. Worry about royalties when soundscape goes viral. Wait: no. No, I don’t.
Reassemble group at hotel. Note to self: buy more glue. Walk to U. Huddersfield with equipment. Make contact with Ian, Tom, Zeger, and Jung In. Introductions, orientations, followed by equipment setup. A good afternoon of work rehearsing both pieces and establishing connections/directions for Huddersfield student collaborations. Discover stage for dancers is not. Will figure it out tomorrow. Alec loudly offended by lack of drip coffee in student centre. Avoid international incident. Barely.
Head back to hotel in time to retrace steps. Keith, Vic, Shareen, Michael, Byron, and Bob go for Indian food. Menu is novel: literally. Size of small town directory. If town had people named Tandoori. Manage to de-confuse ourselves, order. Lovely. Bob enchanted by Cobra beer glass. Keithy reminisces about logarithmic life before calculators and Bob mentions tables of aliquot parts. Conversation killer. Others glance about nervously and ask for bill. Waiter happy to oblige. Stroll back to hotel. Hotel has been moved further uphill, but we manage to chase it down and get in front door.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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