Day 3

Students settling in. Judging by snuggie jammies and sleepy looks at breakfast want to settle in more. Red Squad heads to Uni, sets up at 8:30, solves problems, works hard for hour and a half.
Blue Squad appears and does same. Pieces have developed a lot. Bob helps Jung In set up 3 GameTraks for piece: 2 dancers and 2 brass players as well. Standard Windows/Mac incompatibility. Bad Windows, no biscuit. Dancers get wrapped in cables: Keithy explains Cats Cradle — too analog for students.
Matthew, Zeger and Tom hide in lab upstairs, working on piece. Or so they say. Tian, Hannah and Engineers take train to Leeds “to gather sounds”. Huddersfield is sonic desert? Ian appears: surprise free lunch from International office. Group members magically appear. Lovely cafe across street with real coffee: unusual. Probably don’t know it is culturally dissonant. Alec approves. No international incident here.
Red Squad starts again. Score board discussions confused by evil whooshes vs good whooshes. Bob and Keithy perplexed. Piece develops well. Annie looks exhausted.
Blue squad takes over. Attempts to outdo Red Squad with score board description. (Nice hand writing from Kyran: cello muscles.) Strong changes from the morning. Sarah looks exhausted. Bob and Keith very happy for students. Bob receives morning text message from Engineers — going into Leeds. Texts probably sent via Canada. Or by carrier pigeon. Or both.
Bob and Keith have burgers with Pierre Alexandre. Discuss concert, class systems, acousma. Things lining up well. Pierre heads out to monophonic concert. Keith and Bob head to hotel. Students remain active well into evening. Bob and Keith do not. No country for old men.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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