Day 4

Students continue breakfast research. Judging by quantities investigated no complaints. Unless hotel complains about food bill.

IMG_1934 IMG_1935

Everyone thankful for slow start today. Blue squad fine tunes piece. Bob inspects concert space — Pierre happy to expand staging, set lighting later. Blue squad checks venue, everybody happy. Kyran concerned about cello accessories. Group concerned about Kyran.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938

Red squad appears, checks venue, goes downstairs to run piece. One glitch appears. Bug or feature? Eventually corrected/ignored/disappeared — sort of like Bob’s humour. Group feels good, heads for lunch.


Load in goes well. Problems with venue cables — vindicates Bob’s OCD cable fixation. Students groan. Speaker numbering different from Canada — clockwise is not clockwise. Clock stupid? Lighting is good, run-throughs work, we’re ready to go.
Pre-concert talk on Marcelle Deschenes. Post talk group reboots machines. Everyone rubs Monkey head (left hand!) for luck. Lucky monkey!


7:30 we’re on — fabulous presentation of both pieces! — everyone kicks it up a notch — very satisfying, people intrigued with software and results. So very, very good to see what group able to do — a long way past last September. Rest of concert Deschenes’ works on 48 channel system — very rich.

Off to PictureHouse to celebrate over beers/ciders. Too many choices but students struggle through the task. Showing that UBC dedication to studies: tuum est = choose it yourself. Riotous time upstairs in pub all to ourselves. Or, all to ourselves after we arrive… Students beat last call, then play nice Canadians and reset tables and deliver empties to bar before leaving. Someone’s mother did a good job. Thanks moms! Group splits up — the karaoke group and the no country for old men group. After a quick bite we head to hotel. No singing. Very satisfied.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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