Day 5

Bob sleeps in concert mode: sleep-dances and waves hands around in the dark releasing imaginary samples. Odd. Breakfast is relaxed. Students investigating more adventurous British cuisine. Grapes and beans. Traditional since Roman invasion. Alec dances with death by wearing Manchester United teeshirt in Huddersfield. Students laugh nervously while looking around for locals. Keithy eyes shirt, decides to leave for London. ‘Bye Keithy.

IMG_1962 IMG_1964

10 a.m. tour of facilities by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. Lots of opportunities for oohing and ahhing. “Oooh” and “ahhh” say students. Gear heads get tweaked. “Ouch…” say students. Lovely acoustically refined spaces. Lovely expensive spaces. Very expensive. Bob is ex-pensive at thought of budget.

IMG_1966 20160218_104049

Post-concert debrief before revamping pieces. Students have thoughtful, achievable ideas. Good planning, good execution. Soundscape editing follows — lots of source material, good opportunities for layering. Engineers relieved it won’t be live performance — start to breathe again. Dancers and brass work on Jung In Jung’s piece. Triangles inside circles now: all those improv sessions come together.



Groups break for dinner. And naps: lack of sleep apparent today. Bob concerned over group’s creative cooking attempts, ironing wrinkles in pastries, blow-drying icing: uncertain if this is fire-marshall approved. Post dinner/naps, groups head out for concert or laser tag. Bob wonders about combining the two. Possible end-of-term concert piece? Konnemann’s textile/sound installation very active in atrium. Concert opens with Jung In Jung’s dance/video environment. Interesting “bio” sounds, cables, video. Roux’s Inevitable Music follows — psychoacoustics in 48 channels. Vic, Michael, Bob, Alex, Matt head for beers and discussions. Open mic in pub. Too open. Hard to discuss. Thoughtful yelling? Bail and head to hotel.

IMG_1968 IMG_1972

Students decide to work on interactive, sweaty, dark, yelling piece. LaserTag venue next door invaded. Dark and lasers so different in Britain. Much posing.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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