Day 6

Ex-students in Michigan try to FaceTime Bob at midnight. Bob refuses to answer: screen says North Carolina. When did U. Michigan move? Morning comes too early. Must speak to front desk about this: need delayed morning upgrade. Students continue to struggle with breakfast research. Beans on toast becoming more popular. Matthew intends to invest heavily in Marmite. Travel is so broadening.


Soundscape group active at 8:30. Interesting collection of sounds. Doors figure prominently. Odd to hear Canadian accent in some clips. Russill suggests title — vamps on Huddersfield and doors. Could work. Fast turnaround for groups today. 1 hour each, but everyone struggling. Tian carries war wounds from laser tag. Or just bruises hitting the floor.

IMG_1975 IMG_1977


Blue squad (“l’equips bleue”) wants twerking in piece. So 2015. Want contemporary music. Bob’s knees hurt watching Sarah fake collapse several times in row. No legs for old men. Score instructions are now amazing collection of English, French, German. How to spell “Twerk” in German? Without laughing? Red squad appears. Proceed to collapse on floor. Annie, Byron and Janine attempting to imitate Sarah? Groups more focussed on leaving Huddersfield than leaving good concert impression next week.

IMG_1980 IMG_1981

Keithy appears in atrium. Probably kicked out of London. Did not get new hat on train: owners too attentive. We sit in on Huddersfield/UBC collab dance work. Keithy quickly makes timing patch. Just in time. Pack up equipment. Turn into code nerds, all sit at table typing. No life for old men. Hunger finally breaks it up. Head to hotel, dump equipment, eat at PictureHouse. Waitress has difficulty telling orders apart. Disconcerting: does she eat here? Leave for uni. Bob and Keith Skype with ex-students: 8 bit resolution matches Bob’s two bit humour. Head into concert, Bob furiously gulping lozenges: Sean Ryan videos open show. Non-abstract abstractions. Cineflow reminiscent of Koyaanisqatsi. Bark! takes stage. Coders want to call group Bark Not. Improvised Set is a set of improvised. Hold breath waiting for file to finish off guitar strings. Stroll back to hotel, sit in bar with Keithy, Shareen, Vic, Tian. Happy Birthday to Tian, she of bruises and basil. Shareen breaks things up: heading back to YVR tomorrow. The rest of us follow: no bar for old men.


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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1 Response to Day 6

  1. Liz Hamel says:

    So great. Tell Keithy I said so.

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