Day 7 Weekend Special Bonus: Student Edition

Wakes up to the sun and not the alarm for once. Ah yes, weekends. How I love you. Responds to messages from the London crew and how snoring people are loud. Hannah sympathizes. In a state of sleepiness, suggests to the engineer that plugging the nose of the snoring person would make the snoring stop. Realizes later that the suggestion was a really bad one. Suffocatingly bad, in fact. Stumbles downstairs and awkwardly makes eye contact with Dr. Bob and Keithy. Breakfast chatter is at a minimum. Hannah racks brain for something to say. Babbles about bowties. Dr. Bob is pleased.


Returns back to room to get dressed and hides all the laptops the London crew has left her in the discreet corners of the room. Contemplates briefly about selling them on the black market. Decides against it. Friendship is important. Huddersfield is raining today, Hannah despairs about lending Isaac her umbrella. Reasons to herself that London will have much bigger rain since it is a bigger city (Hannah was very wrong). The receptionists look on pitifully as she ventures out.

Locates Huddersfield Open Market and ventures inside. Gives out a strong Granville Island feel…minus the crazy seagulls. The open market sells old clothes, vinyls and toys among other, more edible things.


Hannah finds her house next to the open market. Proceeds to have an impromptu photo shoot in the rain until the locals start staring. Power walks to  WH Smith in search of postcards. Alas, the quest is rather fruitless. Apparently Huddersfield isn’t big on postcards related to the city.. or to anything related to Britain for the matter.

Refuses to return to the hotel empty handed. Walks purposefully to Primark – land of real nice and inexpensive clothing. Gets upset over a pair of sweatpants. UK clothing fits just a tad differently than Canadian clothing. Sweatpants are sweat leggings.  Hannah walks into Kingsgate Mall purely by accident and emerges with new clothes. Huzzah.


Next stop: Byram Arcade. It’s not a PC gaming room, nor does it have arcade games as one should think. Is mildly disappointed. Hannah is appeased by the discovery of a funky cool craft store filled with handmade goodies. Hannah is happy. Prances around the building until is given an eyeful of a case full of skulls. Huddersfield is into goth apparently.

Stops by Cafe Nero to write postcards and for ORANGE HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! 10/10 would recommend.  As Hannah’s roommate, Annie would say, “…I love it.” Attempts to mail postcards at the post office. Attempt was successful.

Wind has decided to join its friend, rain, during the way back to the hotel. Hannah doesn’t like wind. It pushes her into the opposite direction. There is a struggle. Hannah wins. Returns to hotel, tugging at jacket and grumbling about false advertising. Unlike how her jacket promises, she does not feel superdry. Collapses onto bed and reads about the happenings of the London crew. Feels like she too is in London. Not really.

Dinner comes and goes with just a small mishap (there was no juice). Eats 2/3rds of a carrot cake. Regrets nothing. Heads to bed. Good night Huddersfield.


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