Day 7

Quiet breakfast room: Canadians all being noisy in London. Tian has tea in pyjamas. Wait, no: Tian drinks tea in pyjamas. Bob eats, naps in room, joins Keithy later. Hannah reports on text messages from London group: no sleep. Not from partying — snoring in hostel. Forgot earplugs Bob handed out. Important lessons being learned.Travel is so broadening.


Bob, Keithy retire to rooms for admin work. 12:00 leave to do laundry. Non-interactive machines — disappointing, dance doesn’t make them work. Sit in cafe looking at Mozart exercises. Go back, dryer gobbles 20p coins voraciously. Return to cafe. Owner sees us coming. Closes drapes and locks up. Knows us too well. Keithy says traditional for restaurants in area. Bob names it the Yorkshire Welcome.

IMG_1983 IMG_1986

Fold laundry, hit supermarket for snacks. Keithy eyes vegetables, wonders aloud how long to iron potato. Must ask Tian.


Keithy goes back to marking. Bob naps, buys ticket to York for Sunday. Keithy, Vic, Bob meet in lobby to go for dinner. Hannah hunting for juice. Says Huddersfield food has too much cheese. Tian celebrates birthday in room ironing. No, wait. Cooking.


Wander up and down side street choosing restaurant. Refused at two – “Completely booked.” Bob recognizes Yorkshire Welcome variation. Dinner in small Mediterranean restaurant. No, wait. In Huddersfield. Bob hands Keithy keys for rehearsal tomorrow. Odd key fob for university keys. Travel is so broadening. Keithy and Vic head to concert. Bob heads to recuperation at hotel. No concert for old man.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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