Day 8 Weekend Bonus: Part two

Breakfast is eventful. Dr. Bob reads blog post and laughs into his phone. Says blog post was good. Wants more. Uh oh. Jokes about Hannah trying to take over his job. Sweats nervously. How did he catch on so quickly.

Vic arrives. Chatters about this thing called marmite. There is a jar placed conveniently on the table. Hannah eyes marmite. Dr. Bob and Vic both encourages her to try it, but Hannah is skeptical. Marmite looks like Nutella but sounds like marmalade. Hannah does not trust. After much coaxing, Hannah takes a bite.

Marmite does not taste like Nutella. It tastes of regret and pure disappointment. Nutella would never taste like that.


It’s raining and windy again. Cues more disappointment. Hannah heads to Tesco for groceries.

Tesco is an amazing place. Has whole meals for 3 pounds. Ice cream for 1 pound. How much does it cost in Canadian to buy out Tesco? Hannah heads to the aisle labelled Asian Food. Asian food in Huddersfield is apparently curry and obscure labels of instant noodles. Oh, and salt n pepper banana chips. Travel is so broadening.


Returns back to hotel. Takes 3 hour nap. When awoken, waddles over to Tian’s room to work on the soundscape project. Ends up watching Tian work on the soundscape project as she plugs her headphones. Can’t hear anything but assumes everything is going accordingly. Will reveal to engineers tomorrow.

Sits in room waiting for the London crew to come home. Should be any minute now. Possibly.

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