Day 8

A not-too-early morning. Breakfast room very quiet. Students still trapped in London. Posting selfies. Bragging. Matthew sits alone, an entire jar of Marmite to self. Heaven. He leaves to scheme about cornering Canadian Marmite market. Hannah appears. Has parodied dr. bob on blog. Impressive. Should take over blog entries. Vic appears. Convinces Hannah to try Marmite. Hannah not impressed with taste. Travel is so broadening.

kelsey sarahParis
IMG_1990 IMG_1992

Bob and Vic head to train. Long conversation about building across tracks. Nerds. Train trip uneventful. “Alight” from the train as per instructions. Bob drags Vic to National Rail Museum. Bob in heaven: like Xmas when 6 yrs old. Vic tags along. Gets enthusiastic when video showing locomotive assembly and wheel casting appears. Nerds.

IMG_1996 IMG_1997
IMG_1998 IMG_2008

Head to downtown York. Meet Vic’s friend Bogdan. Bob heads off to meet Ian Gibson. Lovely afternoon doing lunch, Minster, Shambles, etc. Find Hannah’s ice cream shop. Bob, Ian impressed with clockwork knights whacking bars on clock. Nerds. 8 whacks for 2 o’clock. York floods give new Naval timekeeping? Ian heads back to work, Bob visits more churches, circumnavigates outside of cathedral. Impressive Chapter House. Possible model for computer music research centre? Catches up with Vic at train station. Nap on way back to Huddersfield.

IMG_2011 IMG_2013
IMG_2012 IMG_2032

Hotel for email, snacks, quick walk to concert. Keithy and Megumi sneak in. Concert opens with more Canadian content — terri horn on recorders with processing. Early music meets late music. BEAST follows, but less beastly than in their home territory — fewer channels. Wild video work. Post-concert drag equipment back into board room. Students texting/emailing they are late/delayed/abducted by aliens — blaming National Rail. Becoming very British. Keithy, Meg, and Bob grab taxi back to hotel. Bob hauls suitcase up front steps. Convinced Meg brought her own piano. Keithy and Meg off to eat. Bob off. No eats for old men.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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