Day 9

Students straggle in for breakfast. Walking wounded, looking worse for “where-were-we”? 8:15 rehearsal start a shock for some. Shock for Bob, who locks self out of room. Sigh. Set up at Univ, Bob has forgotten computer. Sigh. Back and forth to retrieve it. Good sounds, no video for first rehearsal. Janine points out we need projector for video. She’s a professional musician. Lack of sleep is telling. Groups change, Bob goes for coffee. Returns to find Keithy subbing in for Kat’s Godzilla yell. Keithy now Backup Screamer. Wonder if useful in Arts meetings.

IMG_2035 IMG_2040
IMG_2045 IMG_2046

Zeger, Matthew work with Kyran and Sarah on Kinect1 piece — simple technology makes art complicated. Jung In’s GameTrak/dance piece updated with Keithy’s timer — used in most pieces now. As is Sarah. Keithy should rent it out. Dancers very wrapped up in work/cables. Group discussion if there are 6 minutes in 7. Lack of sleep telling. Soundscape group finishes morning work: excellent sounds. Scares Hannah, must be really good.

IMG_2048 IMG_2049
IMG_2050 IMG_2052

Keithy, Meg set up for demo of Keithy’s new piece, Corona. Neither cheap beer nor cheap cigar. Keithy tries to break setup. Nearly succeeds. Great to hear Meg play. Mesmerizing video. Especially for Meg. Lots of questions by students. Quick group meeting preps everyone for group dinner, Tuesday rehearsal, roomie key changes. Bob wants joke about modulations. Doesn’t. Good thing, lack of sleep is telling.


Kyran writes Musicianship exam. Strange sounding melodies after week of laptop. Isaac, Alec write MUSC119 exam. What prof would do that to them? Would give him piece of my mind but it’s almost all gone now. Pack everything into boardroom, head to hotel. Students straggle in to lobby. Walking wounded, looking worse for “where-were-we”? 7:15 meeting time a shock for some. Stroll to Ciao Bella. Great setup, great food. Bob hands out glow sticks/earrings. Confusion as to who wears what. Group looks like aircraft landing crew. Lack of sleep is telling. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Tian. In 4 part harmony. Recent court ruling means we don’t pay royalties. Like that so much we sing again. Restaurant owners gift Tian with shooters and chocolate cake. Tian graciously accepts. We exit, head for hotel. Lack of sleep is telling. Except for thirsty students. No hotel for young students.

IMG_2064 IMG_2061
IMG_2067 IMG_2070
IMG_2068 IMG_2078


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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