Day 12 bonus: student edition

Wakes up to sore throat. Body seems to be protesting against the pints of beer and carbs ingested as of late. Ignores body and eats two croissants. Ha. Take that. On the way to the train station. Hannah tells Kevin that he dropped his ticket. He actually goes back to check. Turns out tickets were in his hand all along. Haha. Foolish engineer.

Manchester bound. Byron, Kevin and Annie wants to see real Manchester soccer football game. Hannah and Isaac just wants to see if Manchester is real.


Manchester is very real. Group hops onto free bus (hello Translink is this possible?). Finds Chinatown.

Rice for the first time in two weeks. Finds heaven in a basement of some obscure building in Manchester. Locates an actual factual bubble tea shop. Lady calls out orders for Biron, Hanna and Issac. Might’ve possibly walked into an Asian Starbucks.  Travel is so broadening.

Heads into Manchester Art Gallery. Group finds out that Hannah is not the best person to take to galleries. Makes obscene jokes at portraits and runs around everywhere. Scares robots.

Locates mall. Loses half of group in battle against Forgetfulness,  as only two make it alive back to the rendezvous point. Byron, Kevin and Annie gravitate towards the Museum of Science and Technology due to some unexplainable force. Byron makes a new enemy.

The two survivors head to the museum to locate them. Gets distracted by exhibits instead. Isaac becomes the next IMPART dancer.

Rescues the trio and group reunites happily. Heads for food. Annie learns that pizza does not cut itself. Is perplexed over the lack of precut triangles. Classic Canadian syndrome. Group parts ways yet again, this time intentional.



Huge group heads to Manchester United game. Hannah and Isaac head home to write blog post and to play DOTA. Sits amongst the luggage. Manages to assimilate into their baggage culture. No football match for young ‘uns.






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