moving on again, more future plans

12496332_10153920868195050_2958677515575331438_o Kyran Assing: I graduated and moved to La Belle Province de Poutine. New cello professor is Yegor Dyachkov – a wonderful man and fantastic cellist/drill sergeant who has no idea of the trouble he just got himself into. New violoncelle obtained but I dare not hit my «new» baby from 1849 for the sake of les arts contemporains. Searching/making performance art in the ville and faire-ing des rendez-vous with new and familiar musicians. Canucks jersey hangs in my room.

IMG_1928 Brian Topp: Since the school year has concluded I have been lucky enough to take part in some amazing workshops and festivals. In June I premiered a new work ‘Beneath the Mountains’ for Piano and Electronics at the SPLICE! Festival in Michigan with the incredible Keith Kirchoff. As well, I was able to attend the Composit New Music Festival in Rieti, Italy working on Max/MSP tools for live-electronics improvisation and in-depth spectral processing with none other than Jean-Francois Charles. I will be continuing my studies at UBC this fall and going into my 3rd year of my DMA in Composition.

IMG_1977Kjel Sidloski: I am finishing my second album enjoy your sunless endeavors while preparing for a tour. I am also tending a quite adorable little garden.

10157324_10153745307686195_2154839711056414299_n Kelsey Hawley: is developing education software for SMART technologies in September, and on the side, working on software that simplifies the process of reducing the adverse environmental and social effects of the apparel industry for the average person. Check out app expected to be launched on the Apple AppStore in February!

IMG_2978 Annie Wang: I will be starting my masters in audiology this fall at UBC and still trying to figure out the rest!

12747465_10153920871575050_6021574892949032308_o Janine King: Since the term ended, I have continued to explore new ideas surrounding music and movement. I’m a part of a new collective, along with some of my other peers from this class, called Co.CreaTive that focusses on constrained improv. This has fostered many new connections around the city and opportunities to collaborate with other artists and musicians. I am excited to take what I learned in this class to my own life as a musician and also into the classroom as an educator!

20150930_195537 Byron Carr: has discovered that electrons come in 17 flavours and now wants to collect the entire set. Is also working on growing inverted trees, suitable for selling in the southern hemisphere.

12002419_10153920868615050_8534214165514460803_o Hannah Wong will focus on her last year in piano studies and armed with the skills she picked up this year from laptop orchestra, she will tackle new rep and be performing new music with Contemporary Players. (Education is so broadening.)

12795237_10153920868145050_598712240291928537_o Sarah Wasik: was hired as a Telus CEO (Choreographer for Eclectic Offerings) and is developing dance operated smartphone apps. Hopes to hit the market in two months with DanceFEET — Dance For Excitable Ex-Tweeters.

12771774_10153920866925050_8338152731097297714_o Michael Sargent: currently developing a new water-recycling process that converts ice to liquid. Suitable for use in northern climes, but may also have an impact at yearly Polar Bear Swims.

MatthewKjel Matthew Chernenkoff: dreams, melodies, salt, stars, flights, lights, zigzags, zugzwangs, wasps, waxwings, windows, auras, auroras, architects, figs, ginkgos, domes, homes, spires, veins, weeds, reeds, winds, whirlwinds: Lydia. soul doubt, decadence. decay-dance, chrysophrase, lapis lazuli, obsidian . . . crimson cloth-knots, wildfires, flashes, lightning, the cool evening, the cool, clear Evening, the dead of night, the edge of heaven and earth . . . mountains of oak . . .

IMG_2078 Kat Gimon: Back to UBC to finish my Masters in Composition – then will see where life takes me!

IMG_2129 Isaac Cheng: Since SUBCLASS has ended, I have been free from the clutches of the academic system and have been enjoying exploring the lower mainland hiking and camping before joining the work force and getting a job like millions of other adults.

IMG_2059 Tian Ip: is spending her time traveling the world. Just came back learning African drumming and dancing in Ghana, she is now turning her focus to gigging and refining her performance skills.

12779022_10153920868355050_1699586532223339640_o Victor Zappi: is stuck at UBC for some months more, ready to initiate the next batch of SUBCLASS students.
In the meanwhile, he will set down the next steps of his plan to conquer the world of music tech research.

12764763_10153920871905050_7255714275994819395_o George Dean: is currently on the grind in Vancouver, where he is beefing up his recording and mixing portfolios through freelance. Other activities include: interning at Fader Mountain Sound; working on personal compositions and albums; attempting to put together an immersive live performance for his solo act tswtms finding the true meaning of friendship; repeatedly failing at vegetarianism; listening to Ariana Grande’s album Dangerous Woman; learning that a few years of audio engineering experience does not qualify you to make coffee.

IMG_2188 Alec Korchev: Is continuing with his study of interactive video and art, as well as pursuing an interest in a new found appreciation for contemporary composition.

IMG_1957 Michael Ducharme: has spent the summer as a temporary network engineer at his previous employer in Winnipeg to help fund his next year at UBC. He is excited to begin his first year DMA in Music Composition at UBC in September.

12711213_10153727093441195_7599884412786557876_o Russill Glover: perpetually searches for perpetual motion, although he was distracted by Pokemon this summer. Hopes to become a page in history or parliament.

kevinHui Kevin Hui: spending the summer in Toronto working on a startup. Shameless plug: Having troubles planning casual hangout with friends?


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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