Air's Words

Since my handwriting is EXTREMELY illegible, I’ll summarize the main words that the Air group came up with.
Our group consists of Jack Griffiths, Adrian Pang, Fiona Sudihok, and a dancing floater Kayla Perrin Price.

In Blue, find 10 action words relating to our given element: Air.
Our words were Flight, Blow, Glide, Dissipate, Breathe, Float, Fan, Drag, Convect, Suffocate.

In Green, find 10 words that are emotions relating to our given element: Air. Then, try to order them such that there is some sort of narrative.
Our words were carefree, blissful, airheaded, gusto, spritely, mischievous, stormy, panic, delirious, calm.

In Red, think of Video/Images & perhaps Dance Gestures to manipulate said video/images.
We were thinking of particles on a screen to help visualize wind, perhaps with colour coding for speed. The particles would start stagnant, then begin to float up via some sort of hand gesture or simply entrance/ambience of presence, then slowly start a cyclic motion, taking up speed. This could be controlled by spinning gestures, windmills, cartwheeling, spinning, and other gestures that could manipulate said particles could be blowing, fanning, breathing (inhale or exhale), lifting or pushing/pulling, etc. Eventually, we should show animated images of storms, tornadoes, and perhaps tie in relevance with ash from volcanic eruptions that involve lightning that flicker on-screen with similar timing to lightning. The soundscape will be represented by general noise and foley sounds being processed and representing the motion of air and speed of wind that then pick up in volume in a timely manner to simulate the sound of thunder.
How will we achieve this? Max… Jitter or Unity…

Thus summarizes the two-hour brainstorm session we held last Wednesday! Thanks for reading the long post. Here’s a laptop tradition for you: tea & cookies for your troubles. 🍵🍪🍪

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