Day 9 B-D

Day 9 -B
Another race to restaurant. Michaella eats all the bacon. Again. Sigh. Settle for pancakes sans bacon. Travel is so broadening. Most people make it over to the College by 9 for more coding. Refining patches, refinding samples. Lots of tape used for marking equipment for each group. Students briefly consider marking Bob in case he gets lost. Would take too much tape. Ouch. Wander over to ROC for lunch. Don’t have to show visas or passports. Surprised. Afterwards Keith enjoys entering the alternate universe called, “I’ll order tea.” He should not buy lottery tickets. Back to coding and sorting out cables. Rehearsal order is set for tomorrow in the hall — national holiday, we’ll see how that goes. B & K get to try star fruit, presented by Christine — tasty combination of pear, apple, peach. Mmmm… Late dinner for D,K and Bob — starting to revisit old haunts. AKA, restaurants where we’ve eaten before. No imagination when it comes to ordering. For a change of pace we cross the plaza and buy junk food at another store. Travel is so broadening. Back to hotel for more marking. Oh Joy!

Day 9 – Daniel: Michaella ate all the bacon again today and sad Bob is with sausages only AGAIN. Had a pleasant lunch at the ROC. Keithy gets a big β€œpanipizza”. Keithy gets a iced black tea at Nomu today despite asking for a hot one. Mara delivers tea bags for Keithy. Bob and Keithy prepare for title screens for groups to use in Max and PD. We discover that a large banner had popped up! We see the Taal Volcano over the smog from the overpass on the way back. Darth Bob, Keithy, and Daniel all get the same order over at Kanin Club… curry chicken with garlic rice…

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