Day 10 – out of sync

More breakfasts. Pancakes rule. Michaella must have arrived at 6. No bacon again. B,K,D leave early to set up equipment in hall. No equipment to set up. Things gradually arrive. Day spent running and re-running pieces. Code fixes, choreography fixes. Things pull together nicely. Students are impressive! Once again Keith challenges the universe by ordering tea at lunch. Expect him to be banned from campus. Or else hired by Physics department. Audio rental company impressed with work. Donates more lights. Too many lights! Have to pull back to keep from swamping Kinect sensing. Very satisfying to see things come together. Keith is running audio central. Must provide honorary audio engineering diploma. K and D head out for dinner. Score phone tripod with remote at night market. Nicely done! Bob has dinner with former student. Revisits UBC of years ago. Very enjoyable. Back to hotel to work on patches, planning, etc. Students must be exhausted: less partying now, more desire for sleep.


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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