Day 11

Bob gives up on pancakes. Salad, potatoes, toast. Coffee. Necessary. Due to lack of bacon Bob has started stealing Keith’s powdered coffee. From freeway overpass see dozen workers riding open flatbed. Merging onto freeway. They wave, students wave. Bob says, “What could possibly go wrong?” Keith:”Well, they _are_ wearing hard hats.” Set up in classroom for more code checks, wiring layouts, etc. Good progress made. D,K,B head to Snack Shack for burgers. 35 min wait. Should have been a sign. Buy bubble tea/coffee/black tea. Bob gets pic of Keith’s Alternative Tea Ordering universe. Thermos is returned half full. Should have been a sign. Keith’s burger half cooked. Another sign. After lunch Zeta and Adrian play cello duets. All good until text from group. Alex on way to clinic. Vegetarian restaurant doesn’t know what nut allergy is. Hint: involves nuts. Bob beats ambulance to clinic. Another sign. Alex admitted, drugged. Woozy, but stable and recovering. Bob told to buy drugs from hospital pharmacy. Okay. Pharmacy doesn’t have it. Um… Jose and Fiona go off to another pharmacy. 1.5 hours later return. Manila traffic brutal. Bob goes to College to check on things. Kayla (a.k.a. Dr Price), Michaella, Fiona, Sarah rotate through Emerg over next 7 hours. Bob back at 6. Michaella heads for dinner, hotel. At 8 Bob told to fill prescriptions. Oh oh. Goes next door. Pharmacy fills one of three. Um… Bob, Sarah, Jose drive through Manila car derby to another pharmacy. Only has 1 of two prescriptions. Um… phones, locates last at another pharmacy. Sarah, Jose,Bob return triumphant. Multiple texts from laptoppers for Alex. Much appreciated. Christine and Ti drive Fiona, Sarah to hotel. Keith books separate room for Alex. St Jose drives Alex, Kayla, Bob to hotel. Alex settled. Bob writes up a GoGlobal report. Travel is so broadening.



Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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