Day 12

Scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes. Bob unwilling to forgive Lucy for sending pancakes back because they included bacon. Coffee stabilizes things. Stroll to College for sound checks. Yes, there is sound. Check. Manage to tape absolutely everything down. Note to self: buy stocks in tape. Problems with network. Daniel fixes with net magic. All is good. Bob goes back to hotel to sit with Alex. And Michaella, Jon, and Hanna. Patient’s room is crowded. Alex and Bob left in room as everyone goes for lunch. Bob gets oodles of work done while Alex sleeps. A good arrangement. Better than the opposite. 5:00 call for performers/programmers. Reset gear, reset brain. Practice bows with tumultuous shouting. Very good. Concert at 6:30. Well attended, well received. Glitches cause order change in program. Nothing new for laptop orchestra. Bob forced to carry out time delay fill ins with odd comments, odd jokes, odd everything with Patricia Silvestre. Discuss UBC programs, students, music, tongue twisters, why cars have horns, etc. Patricia asks if Bob has eaten Filipino food. Bob asks why foods are hyphenated. Halo-halo. Kari-kari. The food’s so nice they named it twice. Delay seems to work — forces glitch fixers to work faster to avoid more Bob jokes. Very successful concert, everyone pleased. Multiple pix with everyone afterwards. Lovely dinner al fresco provided by UP afterwards, for students and faculty. More pics and hilarity. Back to hotel, then on to restaurant for beer with UP students. More hilarity. Group splits so Daniel, Isaac, Adrian, Zeta, Jack, and Bob can head to hotel for beauty sleep. Bob is only one who needs it. Other group heads for karaoke. Wonder how the Tagalog translations will work with that.


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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