Day 13

Bob beats Michaella to breakfast. Achieves bacon heaven. Life is good. For Bob. Keith and Bob to College for 9:00 music tech meeting. Vicious security chicken still at hotel guard house. Vicious I tell you. Interesting discussion talking about UBC program, ways of organizing materials, teaching, etc. 10:30 meeting with students. Debrief of two weeks, concert. What worked, what didn’t work, what could be improved. Great to get student insights, suggestions. Bob and Keith take Christine for lunch. Snag UP’s sign advertising last night’s concert. 2 X 5 metres. Total score! Will look good in UBC Music lobby! VIP status at restaurant means Christine gets us in ahead of students. Perks. Delightful time at lunch talking about approaches and future plans. Head back to College for B&K’s interview with PhD dancer Desiree Peralejo-Medina. Discussion about dance and technology, intentions, approaches, outcomes, etc. Lots of things to ponder. Bob buys UP teeshirt at alumni centre. Figures he will blend in on campus now. Back to hotel, then B,K head to mall for wandering, tea/coffee. Strange to experience high socio-economic first world shopping culture. Travel is so broadening. Ridiculous pix for Bob and Keith. Humour is suffering. Just like the students. Back to hotel to join group for dinner at Hub. Wait staff know us now. Still don’t lock the doors. Must be desperate. But they make us wait. Because they are staff. Keith entertains with ongoing stories of destroying neighbours’ hedges, bad mountain biking, and how he has changed the group sign-off: “Everybody ropes, everybody rides” has become “Everybody hopes, everybody dies”. Generates much philosophical discussion. Or ridicule. Could be the same thing. Off to Mercury Drugs to get calamine for Alex. Pix of giant billboards, shanty town shopping. Strange/odd juxtaposition. Travel is so broadening. Tomorrow airport shuttles arrive at 3. Hotel arranges 2:00 checkout. Bliss!


Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.
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