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Paint Master (rehearsal countdown)

Cindy, Issac, Jack, Samantha

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Paint Master (working progress)

Cindy, Issac, Jack, Samantha Thanks to Keithy (Dr. Hamel) and his kinectDraw2 patch! ¬†Our team needs to figure out how to make things fade so it doesn’t get too intense on screen…

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Beautiful night for performances

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We heard him “Coll Wolf”

Once again into the loop of having an unresponsive trackpad and keyboard… I think my MacBook likes to joke around with me, just like that naughty boy from the story! Cindy, Michaella, Jon

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2^4 Strings says “Good Evening”

Sunset 09/18 Awesome view to enjoy in the “green room” on the 7th floor.

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10 Strings? (2.5 for each person)

Cindy, Issac, Olivia, Zeta

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