Moving on, future plans… (in reverse alphabetical order. Which doesn’t mean going backwards into the future…)

Zeta Gesme
Earlier this year, I was planning to take a gap year, travel the world and come up with a wonderful plan for the rest of my life. Cue COVID-19. Now I’m just hoping to lie low and save up some money while still working on that “wonderful” plan. It may include graduate school for music or economics (hopefully not both), teaching English in a foreign country, working a 9-to-5, peddling hand sanitizer on the streets… the options are endless! Only time will tell.

Sara Pratt
Sarah will continue to ponder the meaning of bugs on the floor, and why they are attracted to her piano playing.

Samantha Krystal

Samantha is working on developing a line of backpacks that will be able to fit a cell phone inside of them.

Olivia Hall

Future plans include learning how to sky dive so that she goes up instead of down

Michaella Moon
Next year, I will be attending the California Institute of Arts for my MFA in Music Technology, Interaction, Intelligence & Design (MTIID). I will be continuing to work on various multimedia collaborations with musicians, artists and dancers as well continue to learn from the amazing faculty. I also look forward to continue developing my capstone project, the MICELLODI, and maybe attend some research conferences with it in the future.

This summer I am composing, coding, and performing a live-streamed performance with a dancer based in South Africa, to investigate live gesture-tracking and music-dance collaborative performance over a distance of 16500km. I’m also continuing the work on my performance-based thesis, and looking forward to starting the second year of my MMus in September.

Kayla Price

Continues to develop her career as a fishing guide with accompanying stories about how big the fish are that her clients catch

Kathleen Zaragosa

Will continue to develop her coiling skills until she can join the professional Audio Tech Skill Competition circuit

Jon Bogart
Looking forward to his new career as a museum docent, giving tours about what not to do

Jack Griffiths

Has become a marketing agent for a new cure-all lighting application that removes road tar, heals blisters, and improves your memory

Isaac Zee

Pursuing post-graduate studies in alternative mathematics based on children’s stories

Hanna Van Inwegen
I still have a couple years left to finish my B. Music degree, so I’ll be sticking around UBC and the school of music!  Hopefully I’ll be reappearing in future projects (perhaps bringing a piece onto the ice and tracking figure skating?).  For now, I’m sitting out the rest of shelter-in-place orders with my family in Seattle.

George Lei

Working on getting enough screen exposure so that he can join the Blue Man Group

Fiona Sudihok

Working on interactive food wrapping that changes to “Got None!” when you finish eating

Daniel Tsui

Joined a research team developing methods of making hair grow shorter instead of longer

Cindy Chow
Currently somewhat looking forward to the “virtual graduation ceremony“ taking place next month. I have finished my BA degree, majoring in Asian Language and Culture and minoring in Applied Music Technology. I will continue to work on my Capstone project “SensErhu” and see where it goes from there. Not too sure when I’m ready to launch into the work force during this period of time, but I won’t lose hope.

Alex Tosh

After Labtop Alex hopes to continue to pursue working with MaxMSP in his professional career. He won’t be graduating as he still has a few classes he’d like to take, as well as work on a capstone project in the coming year.
He is excited for the new opportunities that may open for him with the knowledge he’s gained, and can’t wait to get out there and present his talents

Adrian Pang
Moving on, I’ll be pushing to work in software development while also finishing my cello performance degree. I’ve entertained a few capstone ideas after finishing the Laptop Orchestra course, some involving VR, some involving cello controllers, and some involving new methods for data collection in real time from dancers! I hope to incorporate Max and computer music into my life as I further into my career path, hopefully finding room in modern music making in the software development field to innovate in.
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Philippine Performances!





Curtain Call!

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Quarantine Patching

Having written many pieces inspired by spectral contents of different interesting sounds, wouldn’t it be cool if we can do music like that, but improvised in a live environment? This simple patch deals with the frequency component of such a device, using fiddle~ to analyse live sound, process them with live adjustable parameters, and map them onto a keyboard for playing. Works well with an arpeggiator, and probably would yield some interesting results when hooked up with a nice synth.

I have no idea why I’m doing this or what this could be used for, I guess I just miss laptop orchestra…


Not with a Bang! (Festival) but with a whimper…

Due to COVID-19 UBC has suspended classes. Ironically, laptop orchestra/digital performance ensemble is one of the courses least able to have members self-isolate and work online — we do too much interactive gesture tracking and performance to be able to handle that. So, class is over. It’s a wrap. Stick a fork in us, we’re done like dinner.

It’s been a fantastic year. Many thanks to everyone for their work, imagination, collegial support, artistic output, and great performances. Hope to continue to see your work in the community and further afield.

“Everybody ropes, everybody rides!”

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Before we go viral…

Trying to get back into it. Where are all the Philippine students????

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Brainstorming Ideas!

Truth be told we’re probably just going to do this.

An example of something we’re considering doing as part of the Bang! Festival.

Sarah, Fiona, Kayla, and Lucy

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notes? in my laptop orchestra?

-composition ✅
-idea bucket ✅

yours truly,
Hanna, Kayla, Zeta, Sam, Michaella, Adrian, Cindy and Daniel

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UP-Diliman performances

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Day -1 flexin’…

the sign is up at the lobby of the School of Music for all to see! we gotta flex somehow…

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