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We heard him “Coll Wolf”

Once again into the loop of having an unresponsive trackpad and keyboard… I think my MacBook likes to joke around with me, just like that naughty boy from the story! Cindy, Michaella, Jon Advertisements

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Creative Team Meeting when it’s Midterm Season

One of our teams is deep into midterm season and wasn’t able to get into the studio this week. Still bounced around some ideas and had fun on a video call though! Kayla, Adrian, Isaac, Fiona

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Coming up with new choreo…

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I wonder if Jack will let me credit him as jack-o-lantern

Brainstorming the spookiest sounds one could get from a viola – we are leaning VERY seasonal on this one. – Lucy, Olivia, and Jack (-o-lantern?)

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Skeye update

Storyboarding and checking the boundaries of the KiCASS. George, Samantha, Kathleen

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Hmm, tracking dancers/movers!

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First assignment performances!

Is That You?   Crossover Sliding Into Madness Circle of Life   And the concert prep!

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