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Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.

Day 13

Bob beats Michaella to breakfast. Achieves bacon heaven. Life is good. For Bob. Keith and Bob to College for 9:00 music tech meeting. Vicious security chicken still at hotel guard house. Vicious I tell you. Interesting discussion talking about UBC … Continue reading

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Day 12

Scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes. Bob unwilling to forgive Lucy for sending pancakes back because they included bacon. Coffee stabilizes things. Stroll to College for sound checks. Yes, there is sound. Check. Manage to tape absolutely everything down. Note to self: … Continue reading

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Day 11

Bob gives up on pancakes. Salad, potatoes, toast. Coffee. Necessary. Due to lack of bacon Bob has started stealing Keith’s powdered coffee. From freeway overpass see dozen workers riding open flatbed. Merging onto freeway. They wave, students wave. Bob says, … Continue reading

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Day 10 – out of sync

More breakfasts. Pancakes rule. Michaella must have arrived at 6. No bacon again. B,K,D leave early to set up equipment in hall. No equipment to set up. Things gradually arrive. Day spent running and re-running pieces. Code fixes, choreography fixes. … Continue reading

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Day 8

Sleep-in morning: doesn’t work, get up at 6:50. Sigh. Manage to order pancakes. Michaella has eaten all the bacon, so am forced to accept sausages. Do laundry and admin. Seems to be the same. Group heads to 3D Museum at … Continue reading

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Day 7

Saturday morning, another early day. 8:30 in lobby to count noses. Pack into two vans for trip to Intramuros and Fort Santiago. One hour of close inspection of Manila traffic. Bumpers, motorcycles, jeepneys, pedestrians all play chicken. Seems to work. … Continue reading

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Day 6

Once more unto the breach. Not the beach. Breakfast options are changing. Guard rack added to the toaster. Abundance of caution or are students jamming too much bread into it? Perhaps insurance policy is failing. Previous night Keith suggests meeting … Continue reading

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