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Arts, Science, and Engineering students working on gesture-tracking environments for use in responsive/interactive performances.

Moving on, future plans… (in reverse alphabetical order. Which doesn’t mean going backwards into the future…)

Zeta Gesme Earlier this year, I was planning to take a gap year, travel the world and come up with a wonderful plan for the rest of my life. Cue COVID-19. Now I’m just hoping to lie low and save … Continue reading

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Philippine Performances!

Fire Water Earth Air Curtain Call!

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Not with a Bang! (Festival) but with a whimper…

Due to COVID-19 UBC has suspended classes. Ironically, laptop orchestra/digital performance ensemble is one of the courses least able to have members self-isolate and work online — we do too much interactive gesture tracking and performance to be able to … Continue reading

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Before we go viral…

Trying to get back into it. Where are all the Philippine students????  

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UP-Diliman performances

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Day 14

Bob beats Michaella to breakfast. Orders pancakes. Arrive with bacon! But Michaella’s revenge is real. Everything tastes like garlic. Sad Bob. Keith has had so many American Breakfasts he is eligible for a Green Card. Slow morning as students wake … Continue reading

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Day 13

Bob beats Michaella to breakfast. Achieves bacon heaven. Life is good. For Bob. Keith and Bob to College for 9:00 music tech meeting. Vicious security chicken still at hotel guard house. Vicious I tell you. Interesting discussion talking about UBC … Continue reading

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