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Not with a Bang! (Festival) but with a whimper…

Due to COVID-19 UBC has suspended classes. Ironically, laptop orchestra/digital performance ensemble is one of the courses least able to have members self-isolate and work online — we do too much interactive gesture tracking and performance to be able to … Continue reading

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Before we go viral…

Trying to get back into it. Where are all the Philippine students????  

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Brainstorming Ideas!


An example of something we’re considering doing as part of the Bang! Festival.

Love, Sarah, Fiona, Kayla, and Lucy

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notes? in my laptop orchestra?

-composition ✅-idea bucket ✅-shoes? yours truly,Hanna, Kayla, Zeta, Sam, Michaella, Adrian, Cindy and Daniel

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UP-Diliman performances

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Day -1 flexin’…

the sign is up at the lobby of the School of Music for all to see! we gotta flex somehow…

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